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Monday, August 01, 2005

Caspian Sea and Persian gulf

It is about 6 months that there is an objection in Iran against what National Geography magazine did and in their atlas added “Arabic Gulf” in bracket where they wrote Persian Gulf. There was a great protest against it especially between bloggers. Iranian government also protest formally. But wonderful that the international name of Caspian is changed to “Khazar”? It is really strange coz Caspian came from “ cas” or “caspi’ nation that live in northern parts of Iran and still at that area people who have green or blue eyes named “ Cas” and now they are a part of Gilak nation in the area (Gilan& Mazandaran and Golestan provinces also possibly in neighbourhood). But according to Historical records “Khazar” is name of a nation belongs to yellow races that were living in northern parts of Caspian sea that is extincted at the moment.


At August 3, 2005 at 2:12 PM, Blogger AmiN said...

Certainly I can’t speak and write English well. But, wen your postes in this blog are by English, so I should write my comments by English too.
This topic (Caspian sea name: Khazar or Caspian?) ia a important topic for future discussions. I did put link of this post in Varg’s Linkdumb (webmaji).
Its intresting that in Persian Gulf contest, we were trying to save it’s name. but now, we change Cspian Sea’s name to Khazar, when It’s call by Caspian in all of the world!!!


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